10L Stainless Steel 2 mil Gas Sampling Bag Stainless Steel Fitting

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    Scentroid is the only manufacturer in the world to offer stainless steel sampling bags. Each stainless steel bag is made of electro-polished marine grade (316L series) stainless steel film. Stainless steel sampling bags are ideal for sampling corrosive materials such as high H2S or benzene. The stainless steel is rolled into a thin film that provides it with flexibility while maintaining 100% sample preservation. Scentroid stainless Steel bags are used commonly instead of SUMMA canisters.

    Product Specifications:
    Material: SS (Stainless Steel)
    Fitting: SS (Stainless Steel)
    Capacity: 10L
    Thickness: 2mil
    Bag Dimensions: 12" X 24"
    QTY: Sold Individually

    What are Stainless Steel Bags are Ideal for?

    Outstanding sample preservation and odour measurement accuracy

    Completely Impermeable

    Theses sample bags are made of electro-polished 316L stainless steel and are completely impermeable to any compound

    Longest Holding Time

    Scentroid stainless steel sample bags provide the longest holding time – identical to SUMMA canisters

    Easy to Use

    Stainless steel sample bags can be used with vacuum chambers and stack dilution samplers just like PTFE and Tedlar bags

    The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Bags Include:

    • Excellent stability for all chemicals and compounds

    • Excellent substitute for SUMMA canisters

    • Does not require expensive cleaning procedures

    • Extremely durable for ease of transportation

    • Perfect for GCMS analysis as container has zero chemical contamination

    • Available in 10 L bag

    • Flexible electro-polished stainless steel film for complete sample preservation

    • Can be used with regular sampling equipment eliminates the need for vacuum generation

    • Recommended for samples Where GCMS analysis were purity is a must

    • Samples With ultra-high H2S content where sample preservation is critical

    • With high concentration of petrochemical compounds