5L Tedlar 2 mil Gas Sampling Bag with 2-in-1 PTFE fitting

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    Scentroid Tedlar bags are made with Dupont Tedlar film. The Scentroid lightweight Nylon and PTFE fittings are easy to use and prevent damage to the bag from repeated operation.

    Product Specifications:
    Material: Tedlar
    Fitting: PTFE
    Capacity: 5L
    Thickness: 2mil
    Bag Dimensions: 10" x 14"
    QTY: Sold Individually

    What are Tedlar Bags are Ideal for?

    Use Tedlar when you require moderate storage time and reliability options.

    Trusted Materials

    Tedlar has been used for more than 20 years for air sampling. It provides a stable material with good sample retention

    Pre-Purged and Odourless

    Scentroid Tedlar bags are pre-purged to minimize any odour associated with unused Tedlar

    Multiple Fitting Options

    Scentroid Tedlar bags can be ordered with a variety of fittings to fit your application

    The Benefits of using Tedlar include:

    • Dupont Tedlar film works great for sample preservation

    • Provides stability for VOCs and some sulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide

    • Provides stability for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride

    • High bursting pressure in order to transport samples safely

    • Pre-purged using Scentroid’s Heated Air Purger for minimal background contamination

    • Choice of fittings to match bag size and application includes both compression and 2 in 1 valve/septum fittings in a variety of materials including PTFE, stainless steel, PTFE coated nylon, and polypropylene

    • Stocked in a variety of sizes; custom bags available

    • Bags available for EPA TCLP methods

    • Perfect for samples processed within a moderate delay (6 to 12 hours)

    • Recommended for samples with moderate to high VOC and H2S

    Tedlar Bags are not recommended for: 

    • Samples that are processed 12 or more hours after sampling

    • Samples with low contamination

    • Samples with benzene and other petrochemicals