10L PTFE 5 mil Gas Sampling Bag 2-in-1 PTFE Fitting

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    SCENTROID PTFE bags are made of pure PTFE film. PTFE sample bag technology is exclusive to Scentroid, and it has been proven to show a much higher recovery rate than nalophan and tedlar sample bags. PTFE Sampling bags are extremely resistant to contamination and therefore can be easily cleaned and reused. They have been approved by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario and almost every other jurisdiction around the world!

    Product Specifications:
    Material: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
    Fitting: 2-in-1 PTFE
    Capacity: 10L
    Thickness: 5mil
    Bag Dimensions: 16" x 14"
    QTY: Sold Individually

    What are PTFE Bags are Ideal for?

    Use PTFE when you require a more reliable and cost-effective Tedlar alternative

    Completely Odourless

    High-density PTFE Sampling Bags have zero background odour giving you much more accurate measurements

    Maximum Sample Protection

    PTFE provides the highest sample retention of any media. Scientific studies have shown an improvement in 24 hours of up to 600% more in sample retention when compared to Tedlar


    PTFE sample bags are reusable making them a cost effective option. Laboratories using the SP20 Heated Purger routinely reuse PTFE sample bags up to 30 times

    The Benefits of Using PTFE Include:

    • Ultra-pure PTFE film with exceptional sample preservation

    • PTFE density of 2.2 g per cubic cm is twice as high as Tedlar allowing for much longer sample preservation.

    • Excellent stability for petrochemical products such as benzene.

    • Zero background odour allows for ambient sampling.

    • UV protection helps preserve samples during transportation.

    • Easy to clean and reuse (typical lifespan is 30 samples).

    • Recommended for a sample processed after a long delay - 12 to 30 hours

    • Excellent stability for most compounds including VOCs, sulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide

    • Excellent stability for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride

    • Choice of fittings to match bag size and application include both compression and 2-in-1 valve/septum fittings 

    • Stocked in a variety of sizes; custom bags available.

    • Low sample absorption.

    • Bags available for EPA TCLP method.

    • Perfect for samples with high VOCs and H2S

    • Samples that have any petrochemical products 

    • Samples with low odour thresholds

    • Samples that have high humidity

    PTFE Sample Bags Not Recommended For: 

    • Samples that are processed with a delay exceeding 30 hours post sampling